About Us

The fire knife dance is an art form that has changed exponentially over the years. From what was anciently known as a war ritual performed before battle, to what is now the highlight of any Polynesian performance, the Samoan fire knife dance, ailao afi, or siva nifo afi has become a talent that so many strive to develop and learn.


The Siva Afi Company, established in 2014, commits to embracing the evolution of the fire knife dance in its entirety and contributing to its future. Starting off as a small business, manufacturing the fire knife itself has been the nature of our business. We look to develop new ideas in design, material, and building process’ that will suit the needs of the fire knife dancing community as a whole. Whether you have preference for a heavy weight knife, a light weight knife, a short length knife, or a long length knife, we hope to be able to produce the knife you envision.

Our Founder

Keenan Chung, founder and owner of the Siva Afi Company, has had a great passion for the fire knife dance and all aspects of the Polynesian culture since the day he was born. Birthed to two of Hawaii’s local entertainers, he began learning the art, and by age 11 started competing. He has had multiple experiences in a few local competitions, but finds pure joy in performing on Oahu, Hawaii for Tihati Productions.

“I think back to when I was a child, receiving that brand new set of knives and just thinking that anything was possible… If I can help in producing that feeling in other knife dancers, or better yet upcoming kids, then I can tell myself I’m successful.”